Following the issuance of Law No.23/2023/QH15 amending several Articles of Law on Entry, exit, transit and residence of Foreigners in Vietnam (amended Law No. 23) which took effect from 15 August 2023, on 14 August 2023, the Vietnam Government issued Resolution No.127/NQ-CP and Resolution No.128/NQ-CP which will facilitate foreigners entering Vietnam.

Highlighted below are key points to note in the Resolutions:

1. Resolution No.127/NQ-CP dated 14 August 2023 on electronic visa

  • According to the Resolution No.127, Vietnam will grant an electronic visa to citizens of all countries and territories
  • Foreigners with electronic visas can enter Vietnam through 13 airports, 16 border gates and 13 sea-gates
  • Resolution No.127 is effective from 15 August 2023

2. Resolution No.128/NQ-CP dated 14 August 2023 on unilateral agreement on visa exemption

  • Citizens of the following countries will be allowed to visit Vietnam for up to 45 days without a visa, regardless of passport type and entry purpose:

‒ Germany

‒ France

‒ Italy

‒ Spain

‒ The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

‒ Denmark

‒ Finland

‒ Russia

‒ Japan

‒ Norway

‒ South Korea

‒ Sweden

‒ Belarus

  • Resolution No. 128 is to amend Article No. 1 of the Resolution No.32/CQ-CP dated 15 March 2022 and is effective from 15 August 2023 to 14 March 2025.

KPMG notes
The above Resolutions, together with the amended Law No.23 will help inbound passengers to travel to Vietnam more easily for business or investment purposes. For businesses and individuals from those countries that plan to travel to Vietnam for cross-border business activities, awareness of these changes is important to manage mobility plans and budgets for a smooth travel.
In addition, it is noted that as required by Immigration department, foreigners applying for e-visa to Vietnam must declare their previous trips to Vietnam within 1 year prior to the application date, in which, the length of stay and purpose of entry for each trip shall be required for management purposes. As such, to avoid being challenged by competent authorities, foreigners entering Vietnam for business/working purposes must also be compliant with labour regulations.
Please contact KPMG in Vietnam should you need any clarification.