KPMG undertook this industry investigation to examine the current and potential benefits that the innovative pharmaceutical industry could bring to Vietnam. A primary objective was to understand the parameters that shape current and potential investment and domestic operation expansion decisions. These factors were then compared with case study markets to highlight policy areas for further consideration within Vietnam. 

This analysis provides a basis for the pharmaceutical industry and government regulators to engage across a common understanding of data. This could facilitate policy formulation towards a healthier and more prosperous Vietnam. This report thus offers a perspective on the current and future innovative pharmaceutical market comparatively, and within Vietnam with the purpose of maximizing Vietnam`s growth potential.

All information analyzed for this project has been anonymized and company-specific data has been averaged to an industry-wide average.

Report Structure

This report is structured to provide an overview of the current state of Vietnam’s innovative life sciences sector and a forward-looking view of what is possible. Vietnam’s life sciences sector is analyzed, identifying factors precluding the country from achieving optimal growth. Comparative markets are then examined to identify key lessons in terms of regulation and policy which may form the framework for future Vietnam-specific policy recommendations. These sections are then combined to estimate the potential future social and economic value contributions derived from the sector. Finally, implications for policymakers and suggestions to maximize social and economic value contribution by the Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry are proposed.

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Value of Innovation in Vietnam

Refreshing Potential of Vietnam’s Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry

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