HCMC- Jun 16, 2020 - Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation (SABECO) has announced the launch of its digital transformation project dubbed “SABECO 4.0” during a contract signing ceremony with KPMG, the project management, and consultancy firm engaged by the company for the project.

“SABECO 4.0 is a strategic initiative to transform our business using digital technologies. It’s about transforming business processes, organization structures, harnessing data, improve information flow in order to make better decisions, improve governance structures, and automate the business with digital technologies where possible. The end goal we want to achieve is to optimize, standardize and automate the way of working across all entities nationwide in order to strengthen our market leadership in the Vietnam beer market”, shared Mr. Bennett Neo, General Director, SABECO.

kpmg sabeco

The initiative is also in line with the Vietnamese government’s national digital transformation strategy to prepare the country for Industry 4.0 and ensure that Vietnam is able to leverage on the opportunities it offers. 

In the current phase of SABECO 4.0, SABECO will focus on transforming the company’s sales and distribution model. This includes developing comprehensive business management solutions to help SABECO achieve its business targets; Standardizing sales processes in line with domestic and international standards; Applying a synchronized, centralized, and standardized sales solutions system; Strengthening its ability to monitor and control operations based on data; And building an experienced internal workforce capable of operating the new systems.

The SABECO 4.0 project was activated in Q3 2019. The selection of a consultancy and project management firm has been thoroughly conducted by SABECO, pursuant to a public tendering process, which results in KPMG being selected to be the partner for SABECO in the period 2020 - 2021.

Mr. Warrick Cleine, KPMG Chairman and CEO, shared: “Companies have a choice at important points in their history to either retreat or advance.  By committing to the transformation journey at this time, SABECO’s leadership is showing that the company is determined to advance.  KPMG is bringing the absolute best of our global and local expertise to the project, to both inspire confidence and empower change in this iconic Vietnamese company.”

“With SABECO 4.0, we will streamline our processes, and become an even more efficient, productive, and customer-focused organization,” said Teo Hong Keng – CFO SABECO. “Through this collaboration with KPMG as our partner for this project, we are confident that we will be able to achieve our transformation objectives.”

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