CEO Outlook 2019

One of the most compelling findings in this year’s Global CEO Outlook is that over two-thirds of chief executive officers believe that agility is the new currency of business. If they fail to adapt to a constantly changing world, their business will become irrelevant. This is a stark choice.

Uncharted waters


CEOs are writing a new chapter in organizational resilience — one that focuses on agility and targets growth. Risk comes from all angles — climate change, disruptive technology and territorialism. While CEOs are very confident about their own businesses’ prospects, confidence in the global economy is falling. And, with business model lifecycles shortening, the ability to be agile and actively self-disrupt will be critical

Leading in uncertain times


To build the resilience needed to capitalize on disruption, CEOs must put their organizations under pressure to adapt continually. They look to create and sustain a culture of innovation, drive agility by rethinking the operating model, and assess whether their current leadership team has the mindset and capabilities to deliver their priorities.

Changing from within

To master resilience, CEOs are driving an organization-wide digital reinvention. They are building cyber resilience that concerns over security threats don't derail digital innovation. They mastermind a fundamental reboot of technology, accelerating the adoption of advanced technology and undertaking upskilling of their people.

The evolution of the CEO

The contribution that CEOs are expected to make to the growth and development of their companies is changing. Leaders need to be agile — adjusting their actions to respond quickly to changing customer needs, shifting technology innovations and the pace of change. They also need to keep themselves open to new ideas, so that they can challenge entrenched management and organizational thinking.

CEO profiles

CEOs from large and complex organizations around the world — from Northrop Grumman Corporation's Kathy Warden to Siemens Gamesa’s Markus Tacke — give their candid views on how to build resilient organizations that have what it takes to win and grow in an uncertain and disrupted future.

CEO Outlook Perspectives

Global CEOs are building resilience into the fabric of their organizations in different ways to prosper in a disrupted future. Explore how CEOs are preparing their businesses for change and building resilience in different markets with perspectives from countries across the KPMG network.

2019 Global CEO Outlook | Agile or irrelevant

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