2018 Year-end Tax Compliance

2018 Year-end Tax Compliance

Did you know? Tax authority targets for 2018 might impact your bottom line Inaccurate documentation puts you at risk for tax non-compliance

Are we prepared?

Under the pressure of revenue collection, or where specific risk areas are identified, the extent and intensity of tax audits are often increased at both provincial tax departments level and the General Department of Taxation (GDT) level. More than half of the non-compliance identified through tax audits in the recent years are associated with Corporate Income Tax (CIT) and Transfer Pricing (TP) documentation.

Managing CIT compliance is becoming more complex, and certainly impacts the way companies perform filing of annual tax returns.

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How KPMG can assist

KPMG’s experienced corporate tax and government liaison team can assist you in understanding, complying, and managing the new reporting requirements, which will impact your tax filing and documentation obligations. In addition, we could also help identify opportunities to secure tax savings or tax incentives through proper CIT planning for 2018.

Please find more details in this attached brochure for your perusal and understanding about the changes which you need to prepare for.

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2018 Year-end Tax Compliance

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