Please describe your role at KPMG and the kind of work you do.

I began working for KPMG at the beginning of the year with my role being to help KPMG clients solve problems or figure out where to go next. I specialize in the digital space - this could be working with clients to develop and implement digital strategies focused on their business goals, or to help them understand opportunities that are or will be created by the changes in technology. Sometimes something is broken, and the client needs our help to fix or mitigate the issue. KPMG is broader than people imagine, I have worked with clients across various industries including government, healthcare, banking, and infrastructure.

KPMG also has an active learning culture internally. So, part of my role is to brief colleagues on emergent technology but also to actively mentor and guide those with less experience and as I am relatively new, the learning works both ways. I also spend time utilizing the learning resources that are available and attending conferences etc to ensure that my knowledge is always growing.

What do you love most about your work at KPMG in the Crown Dependencies?

Variety and not being pigeonholed. My skills are quite eclectic; I’ve worked in IT and tech for 25 years in the private sector, government, education, and health, and I have an academic background in psychology. I get to use all of my existing skills and add new ones here at KPMG.

My colleagues are supportive, and that’s not just in Jersey but my colleagues in the other islands’ too. KPMG works together - I routinely get to collaborate with technical centers of excellence in Malta and India, or reach out to experts in the UK to get input on things ranging from SAP best practices to Healthcare and Law.


"An important aspect of KPMG is that we work together."

Mark Richard dit Leschery

Is it the KPMG approach to business and technology transformation that makes the difference?

I think it does. Since joining KPMG, I've been impressed by the holistic approach that is taken to our clients, and the solution focus on developing a strategy not only aligned to their needs and objectives but also their culture.

It’s great that we can combine our deep understanding of the latest technologies (supported by strategic partners like Microsoft, Google, SAP, Salesforce) with incredible sector knowledge. We take clients on a journey and help them develop the skills needed to continuously adapt. KPMG in the Crown Dependencies does not operate alone, we can leverage KPMG Global's assets and skills. For example, the ‘Powered methodology’ helps us to co-create a client's new model, based on prebuilt, but very flexible foundations. We never need to reinvent the wheel, just adapt it.

Is it KPMG’s technology solutions that make the difference to clients?

Yes, similar to the approach to transformation, we’re focused 100% on our client's need to get the most out of their investment in technology. We work closely with clients to identify the right technologies for their needs, and to implement and manage those technologies. An important aspect of KPMG is that we work collaboratively and will have robust conversations with clients when required - it’s part of our culture. A great difference is that we have relationships with multiple technology companies, so we are never locked into one solution but can recommend the one that’s right for the client.

What advice would you give someone seeking a career at KPMG?

Chat with the team and get an introduction to people in the roles you are interested in.

As mentioned, KPMG does more than you think, it’s not just finance. It is a fast-paced environment, and there is a culture of continuous learning and skill enhancement. It’s challenging but very interesting and rewarding.

KPMG has a great social culture and there are always opportunities to get involved in activities, but also if that’s not your thing (it’s not really mine), there’s no pressure.