Delivering improved business continuity services

Our strategic alliance with Fusion, a leading provider of risk management software and services combines operational resilience expertise with best-in-class technology. KPMG and Fusion have both collaborated and invested in developing a Fusion-based configuration of KPMG’s Powered Resilience solution to support accelerated implementation of the Fusion platform to deliver a market-leading integrated resilience operating model.

KPMG-Fusion alliance can deliver industry-leading integrated resilience solutions to clients allowing them to achieve the benefits:

  • Integration between existing BCM capability and operational resilience = integrated resilience
  • Enhanced returns on strategic investment in resilience tooling
  • Better, faster, cheaper implementation and de-risked timeline
  • Operating effectiveness and cost-effective delivery of integrated resilience frameworks
  • Baseline configuration to support scalable and sustainable resilience operating models
  • Seamless integration between functional capability and enabling technologies
  • Better adoption and embedding of the end-integrated resilience solution

The KPMG-Fusion alliance will allow clients to embed Fusion’s market-leading resilience platform within KPMG’s Powered Resilience business solutions, enabling rapid scaling and sustainability of firms’ resilience and continuity operating models. Our alliance allows firms to maximise their return on investment and achieve benefits beyond regulatory compliance, unlocking data insights, fast-tracking digital transformation, and driving competitive advantage.

Andrew Husband, Partner at KPMG

Enabling client outcomes include:

  1. Enterprise service identification and management allowing a single view of services across the firm
  2. Enterprise service resilience assessment and management building trust and confidence through audit trail and improving decision making through enhanced visualisations and understanding of vulnerabilities
  3. Integration and convergence of operational resilience and business continuity leading to streamlining of data, activities and capabilities

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