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Demand for clear and transparent disclosure on companies’ long-term ESG commitments is growing as government regulation strengthens and stakeholder expectations rise.  Investors, suppliers, customers, and employees all want to understand the purpose and values of the business and its commitment to improving the health of our shared planet. This has driven an influx of businesses reporting on non-financial metrics, with the range of ESG targets and frameworks used being both vast and varied by sector, size and complexity of business.

ESG reporting must comply with mandatory requirements but also be credible, verifiable and comparable, supporting stakeholders to make decisions that matter to them. With the rise of greenwashing, it is also imperative that businesses are comfortable with the accuracy and completeness of the underlying data sources used for the ESG metrics. This is what the market demands and now expects.

Navigating the complex and evolving ESG landscape

We are here to support clients through a two-pronged approach:

1) Impactful ESG Corporate Reporting Advisory Support, both within your annual report and standalone sustainability disclosures

2) Credible ESG Assurance to ensuring the reliability of ESG disclosures and data

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