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Our client had no internal software asset management (SAM) capability and wanted to implement a comprehensive and enduring solution.


Our client had no internal software asset management (SAM) capability and wanted to implement a comprehensive and enduring solution. They needed to select, implement, and operate, a complete SAM service.

The client initially needed help to develop and design a function that would complement existing IT operations, bring in and implement a suitable SAM tool, and then leverage relevant licensing knowledge to make sense of current and future license requirements ahead of contract renewals.


We evaluated our client’s objectives and requirements through a series of discovery interviews; that meant working in detail with representatives from IT, procurement, security, and individual product owners. We measured our client’s baseline capabilities against the ISO 19770 standard, assessed data quality from existing tooling, systematically catalogued user stories & business requirements, and sample tested current compliance levels. We used the information we gathered, coupled with our market knowledge and experiences, to articulate our view on the clients future needs. Our client was so impressed with our work that they went on to commission our services alongside a FlexeraOne SAM tool implementation.


FlexeraOne was fully deployed to the clients IT estate (an IT landscape of over 85,000 servers and 40,000 desktops) with our team providing implementation and configuration work. At the end of the implementation project the client had a fully-functioning, self-sustaining, software asset management capability combining the FlexeraOne solution, KPMG designed policy & processes aligned to the ISO19770 standard and backed off with KPMG SAM practitioners. Our client achieved £12m of hard savings and a further £97m of soft savings in the first year against a project cost of £1m.


This was a large and complex client. The project constituted a major change to current IT operations and became critical to the wider business as a range of stakeholders were bought in to help execute the implementation of the future vision and to help embed the necessary changes that would occur. The project could not have succeeded without a truly ‘shoulder to shoulder’ collaborative approach.

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