As we spring into 2022, we explore what’s on the horizon for family businesses this year, in our latest quarterly update. Despite having to navigate the challenges of the new reality, family businesses have shown their resilience and an appetite to invest and grow for the future.

In this current landscape, it is crucial for family businesses to adopt new ways of thinking and drive continuous innovations that are preparing their businesses and their families, for future opportunities. We share insights from family business leaders on their approach to business transformation and how it sustains their purpose, values and the long-term success of their businesses.

As we move towards life after the pandemic, we take a look at how the pandemic has been a catalyst for how family businesses can benefit from the next generation’s knowledge and outlook to drive action around technology and ESG. We also look at how to extend this further family businesses should be flexible in their approach to charitable donations or structured philanthropic structures.

Finally, we look at the impact of the Chancellor's 2022 Spring Statement on individuals and families. 

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What's on the horizon for family businesses in 2022?

What’s top of mind for family businesses this year? We look at what we anticipate will be the key topics on the family business agenda for 2022.

Sustaining a culture of continuous transformation in family business

Adopting new ways of thinking and driving continuous innovations will be key to preparing family businesses and their families, for future opportunities considering the current landscape. So how can family business leaders approach their business transformation to help sustain their purpose, values and the long-term success of their businesses?

Reengaging the next generation

An issue that comes up in many family businesses is the conversation around how the enthusiasm of the ‘next generation’ running the family business may be waning. But could the pandemic prove to be a catalyst for changing the dynamic?

Charity or philanthropy?

Philanthropy and charitable giving are on the same spectrum, but there are subtle yet key differences. We explore the difference between charitable giving and the philanthropic structures needed to support ad-hoc giving alongside longer-term goals.

A Spring Statement of carrots, rabbits but no sticks?

The Chancellor’s Spring Statement was not trailed as a Budget but rather an opportunity to set the scene for future plans and to some extent it lived up to expectations. But how does it impact individuals and family businesses?