Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has become a critical consideration for businesses, investors and shareholders across all sectors. Social factors have gained greater attention over the past year as COVID-19 forced working and living practices to change, highlighting the social issues that were already there. Companies are currently reporting different qualities and quantities of ESG information, with many standard setters, regulatory bodies and industry bodies actively trying to create global ESG principles, standard and metrics.

In association with the International Regulatory Strategy Group (IRSG), this report makes recommendations as to how public policy, companies and financial markets participants can all work together to achieve better social standards. We also identify key market trends that have brought Social issues to the forefront and highlight the growing impact of socially sustainable business.

Furthermore, the challenges which are holding back progress are evaluated, including the lack of consistency in the different methods for measuring, managing and reporting Social impacts. We aim to provide clarity on leading measurement frameworks and principles, considering how these can be used to effect change.

If you would like to discuss the findings of the report in more detail, don’t hesitate to reach out directly.

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