Decrypting Diversity Report 2021

The importance and value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is widely recognised. For the cyber security industry, embracing diversity and inclusion must be a priority, not least because a more diverse and inclusive team is a more effective team. The industry is a significant employer in its own right and the diversity and inclusion of its workplaces affect many thousands of people. What’s more, with ever-growing demand for cyber security experts and well-publicised skills shortages, attracting a wider range of talent into the industry has become critically important.

We hope the findings from this our second comprehensive study of diversity and inclusion in the industry, will help employers consider what progress they are making, challenge themselves where necessary to do more and motivate them to continue in their efforts.

Key findings:

  • 19% of respondents identify as neurodivergent, which is significantly higher than the 10% estimated for the UK population
  • 1 in 5 cyber professionals feel that they cannot be themselves
  • 22% of respondents have experienced discrimination in the past year, but the number not reporting incidents has fallen since last year from 74% to 65%

Read our full report, including recommendations and industry-led working groups that will identify initiatives to ensure the cyber industry fully benefits from the talent available in the UK and beyond. 

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Lindy Cameron, CEO, NCSC

Lindy Cameron, CEO, NCSC

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