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Why do some organisations earn and sustain a reputation for trust over time, while others become embroiled in trust scandals?

Our research indicates the difference lies in how the organisation is designed. In partnership with the University of Queensland, KPMG Australia have released ‘Trustworthy by design’ a seminal report on the importance of trust in business and how to own it.

The business case for trust is clear. Trusted brands can diversify more easily, experiment more safely and leverage endorsements more readily. Beyond this, true, deserved trust, makes for a more agile and resilient business, protecting it from economic shocks, and underpinning its licence to operate, thereby creating a competitive advantage.

Leaders looking to create and sustain a high-trust organisation need to start from fundamental principles and understand how trustworthiness is gauged in a broad sense by all stakeholders.

We examine organisational structure as the key for earning, and maintaining trust: ‘Is trust working hard for your organisation?