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Inappropriate behaviour at work is one of the most pressing issues facing HR, challenged by the complexities of managing a multi-generational workforce where diversity includes different personalities, work styles as well as race, gender, religion and philosophical beliefs like veganism.

The issue is so prevalent with employers ill-equipped to handle misconduct, that The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) recently released a seven-step guide to help prevent and deal with sexual harassment at work. While according to the CIPD, a quarter of UK employees believe bullying and harassment is overlooked, with less than half (40%) of line managers trained in preventing and addressing inappropriate behaviour.

Organisations that want to thrive and attract the best talent, must create a respectful, accountable and diverse culture, encouraging openness and intolerance on issues like sexual harassment and discrimination. This leads to a more positive and engaging workplace; and one where boards are better placed to fulfil their legal responsibilities for protecting employees against bullying and harassment. But culture change is no easy feat.

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