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By working with the KPMG’s testing capability, they will gain access to an award winning test management practice who will work to minimise the risk of the project through using our testing expertise. 

We are KPMG’s testing services – we share our clients’ vision

KPMG member firms have combined experience delivering full lifecycle testing and test assurance to more than 300 clients in 22 countries.

We have more than 1,000 professionals working across member firms’ testing practices who are committed to delivering quality to our clients. 

Value to your MS D365 | CRM Implementation

We help you to:

  • Ensure quality of D365 CRM through our award winning methodologies.
  • Reduce risk associated with a MS Dynamics 365 implementation.
  • Reduce time and cost of MS Dynamics 365 implementations through automation
  • Enhance programme quality whilst reducing timelines

Our methodologies enable key business outcomes

CDD - Why is this important to get right?

D365 | CRM Test delivery framework

Our testing methodology complements the Microsoft dynamics technology and the KPMG Powered Enterprise delivery approach, providing a testing framework clearly mapped to the KPMG Powered Enterprise stages and indicating the test activities to be undertaken at each step of the way.

The diagram below illustrates the mapping of the KPMG testing methodology to the KPMG Powered Enterprise delivery approach for MS dynamics CRM engagements and highlights the key testing activities at each stage. 

CDD - Why is this important to get right?

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We have the experience & assets necessary to deliver successful MS dynamics CRM solutions.

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