Are your team ready to be data scientists and relationship brokers?

The procurement workforce is changing. As older employees retire, taking their established knowledge with them, millennial workers are demanding a different type of workplace experience.

Meanwhile, digital technologies like robotic process automation are transforming procurement roles, simplifying transactional and tactical tasks, and reducing labour costs.

This new reality will require new capabilities of procurement workers. Commercial abilities will remain essential. But technology, data analytics and modelling skills will all become vital, as will relationship management and emotional intelligence.

And new training programmes will be needed to instil future skills, provide life-long development, and accommodate different learning styles and environments.

Workforce of the future in action

A global pharmaceutical business is working to reimagine the role of procurement and the knowledge and competencies required to be successful. Breaking down the functional silo and building broader business skills, deeper operational knowledge, enhanced analytical skills and the flexibility to move with evolving business and market imperatives.

Automation in procurement

Explore five steps procurement organisations can take to create a partnership between bots and employees to achieve efficiency and quantifiable benefits.

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What's next?

It’s no longer business as usual for procurement. The scale and speed of transformation required to address market disruption is extraordinary.

Success requires a blueprint for turning disruptive events into opportunities to drive competitiveness and growth.

This is what the future demands of procurement. Contact us today to start moving forward.

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