Private wealth and family office

Private wealth and family office

KPMG provides the tax and legal advisory services to individuals and families.

KPMG provides the tax and legal advisory services to individuals and families.

Each family seeks to protect, multiply and preserve its wealth. However, that can only be achieved if the ownership, disposal and succession of family’s wealth is structured in effective manner, and if the family takes decisions in respect of its wealth having duly considered all associated tax and legal implications.

We understand that no two families are identical. Therefore, we apply unique approaches for addressing the clients issues and provide solutions tailored to individuals/family needs.

KPMG in Ukraine provides the following tax and legal advisory services to individuals and families:

1. Assistance with investment management  

  • Structuring of corporate relations between business partners: drafting a shareholder agreement that will ensure effective business management and protection individuals’/family’s interests.
  • Analysis of tax and legal implications associated with alienation of corporate rights/shares to third parties.
  • Structuring of acquisition/alienation of corporate rights/shares: providing options for ensuring the protection of wealth and individuals’/family’s interests.
  • Tax structuring of possession the shareholder’s assets: providing options for possession that will ensure proper protection, taxation in effective manner with due consideration of individuals’/family’s goals.
  • Analysis of effective personnel holding and financing structures regarding impact of BEPS Actions, Common Reporting Standard (CRS), the fifth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD 5) etc.
  • Structuring investment abroad: providing options for investment that will ensure proper investment management, investment protection and taxation in an efficient manner.

2.  Wealth management/personal banking 

  • Assistance with choosing investment portfolio manager/investment company.
  • Consulting as to private investment, investment in private investing funds, investment instruments.
  • Tax structuring of investment in projects proposed by investment portfolio manager.

3.  Succession planning

  • Planning of a legal structure for inheriting wealth that will ensure proper succession and taxation in an efficient manner.
  • Analysis of tax and legal implications that arise in connection with commencement of succession in foreign jurisdictions.
  • Consulting as to establishing trusts for the succession purposes.

4.  Acquisition of significant private assets 

  • Structuring of acquisition of ships and aircrafts: providing jurisdictions for registration of ships and aircrafts, consulting as to legal structuring of acquisition, possession and alienation of ships and aircrafts that will ensure protection of ships and aircrafts and taxation associated with transactions with ships and aircrafts in an efficient manner.
  • Assistance with registration of ships and aircrafts in foreign jurisdictions.
  • Structuring investment in real estate situated in Ukraine or abroad: providing options for acquisition, possession and alienation of real estate that will ensure protection of real estate and taxation associated with real estate transactions in an efficient manner. 

5. Moving abroad 

  • Assistance with legal formalities required to move abroad.
  • Assistance with finding housing and complying with formalities to move abroad.
  • Consulting as to and assistance with obtaining of a work visa, residency permit, citizenship.
  • Consulting as to obtaining of a tax resident status. 

KPMG in Ukraine cooperates with leading Ukrainian and foreign commercial and investment banks, wealth management companies and investment funds that enables KPMG in Ukraine to apply integrated approach to solving the clients' issues.


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