Representative offices of non-residents

Representative offices of non-residents

For non-residents conducting business activities, permanent and non-commercial representations of non-residents.

We will help with the registration of non-residents

  • We will analyze whether the activity carried out by a non-resident gives rise to a permanent (commercial) representative office in Ukraine and provide recommendations.
  • We will help with the registration of non-residents as taxpayers in Ukraine in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code of Ukraine, which came into force in 2021.
  • We will evaluate the tax risks (additional assessments of foreign entities income tax and penalties) for non-residents failing they be registered as the payer of income tax when doing business in Ukraine.
  • We will provide recommendation on accounting and reporting for non-residents and their representative offices.


  • non-residents who do business in Ukraine or own assets;
  • permanent representations of non-residents;
  • non-profit representations of non-residents.

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