Indirect Tax Compliance

Indirect Tax Compliance

KPMG’s Indirect Tax Services helps clients deliver real value to their business from indirect tax.

Over 1000 Indirect Tax practice professionals in 70 countries...

What’s on your mind?

  • How to handle VAT regulations properly
  • How to ensure efficient VAT structures to maximize cash flow
  • How to choose the most tax efficient jurisdictions for contemplated transactions
  • How to build an international transparent business structure and benefit from the International Tax Law


KPMG expertise aims to help you with 

  1. resolving any VAT issues arising from your current business needs
  2. handling the excise, customs duty and VAT issues within your business activity in Ukraine
  3. managing your VAT burden within certain international transactions/business activities in the EU
  4. optimizing VAT cash flows and mitigating unnecessary VAT loss throughout the supply chain
  5. dealing with a full range of customs valuation issues
  6. review for compliance of excise treatments and records

Our tax professionals are able to review your company’s current VAT, customs and excise duty position, provide relevant advice and planning ideas, and help you with your administrative obligations and discussion with administrative authorities.



  • Working relationships with tax and customs authorities
  • More than 1000 successful projects in Ukraine
  • Ability to involve tax and legal professionals in 146 countries for your business needs

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