Digital-transformation: why lawyers should create video content

Digital-transformation: why lawyers should create video

There are several reasons why we use video in advisory: 1. Building a brand of the company. 2. Increase in sales. 3. Automation of the client attraction process.


The nature of legal service business is such that it is very difficult for a client to make a choice in your favor, since a service, in fact, is not tangible. Generally, a client does not fully understand the process of service provision. The main advantage of video is that it allows you to apply two main channels of perception: audio and visual. According to Tubular Insights, 64% of users make a buy after viewing a branded video. It is one thing to read unemotional text about a law firm on its site, and quite a different thing is to see its employees, to get insight into their well-coordinated work. As a result, potential clients have a chance to see you and to hear you. Accordingly, it is easier for them to decide in your favor. There are several reasons why we use video in advisory.

1. Building a brand of the company. There is a proven psychological fact: any person we see on the screen is perceived as a brand. It is magic of blue screen that works here - a client sees you, gets convinced of your competence, and then buys your services.

2. Increase in sales. With a video, it is easy to visualize a complex service. Due to a video, we can easily explain the substance of complex processes to a client.

3. Automation of the client attraction process.

In KPMG in Ukraine, we use several video formats, which are currently very popular among our viewers.

FAQ / Educational videos. These include brief overviews where KPMG experts explain special subject terminology or give answers to frequently asked questions. Materials with useful information form the basis of content marketing; they supply information that helps solve a problem and thereby gains the trust of clients. If you have anything to share, do it with a video.

Presentation videos. These are stories that introduce a service, a company, or its values to the audience. It is important for clients to see faces of company employees, level of the company they are going to work with or to buy services from. Such a video provides a response not only to “What are our services?”, but also to “Why we?”

Video reports. Videos of professional events, seminars, business breakfasts, etc., contribute to company's philosophy and image.

Live broadcast. Video broadcasts are becoming a must-have tool in digital marketing environment. Due to YouTube, Instagram, and other competing sites, we increasingly arrange online streams of our internal events. This allows us to eliminate the gap between our clients and the company and expand the territory of our activities.

Finally, here are a few tips for those who intends to create video content:

The first 10 seconds of a video are the most valuable. It is important to hook a viewer at the very beginning of the video. If you succeed, the viewer will keep watching.

Create a short video. To avoid viewer fatigue, make a three-minute or less video. If you have a big volume of materials, cut them in portions by content and upload them in a certain order.

Upload videos directly to social network. Videos uploaded directly to Facebook will play automatically when browsing a site, with no need to press the “play” button. This will result in attraction of more viewers as compared to any other type of publication.

For any law firm wishing to increase its marketing efforts, video marketing is an area that a firm should focus on. With a video clip, you will be able to convey your values to the audience and increase trust and loyalty to your company.

Yuliia Salei, PR Supervisor, KPMG in Ukraine

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