365BREXIT – your window into the conversation

365BREXIT – your window into the conversation

365BREXIT is an innovative social media aggregation site that analyzes the Twitter conversations around topics related to Brexit, 365 days a year.

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Brexit has the potential to disrupt the supply chain of East Asian electronics manufacturers serving Western markets as much as upturning the operating models of trans-Atlantic banks. And this is just the start. With this unparalleled scale of complexity and change, we see an increasing need in global corporations, innovative start-ups, family owned businesses and national governments across different regions and sectors to get insights about these new political and regulatory challenges. At the same time, the dialogue on Twitter is pacing at more than one Brexit tweet per second. With such an intense volume, how can you cut through the noise and keep a finger on the Brexit pulse?


365BREXIT is an innovative data visualization platform that aggregates the Twitter activity surrounding the global social media conversation on Brexit, 365 days a year. Based on the Twitter data on Brexit and number of identified key topics, it is designed to help the global audience better understand and engage with the Brexit Twitter dialogue in today’s fast-pace media landscape. By providing you with live updates of the most engaged tweets, articles and influencers, you get a direct look into the Brexit conversation on Twitter featured through a range of visual elements.


Key components of 365BREXIT:

  • Map with real-time trends
  • Comparison of key topics
  • Volume and location of activity
  • Trending tweets per region
  • Trending articles per topic
  • Top engaged participants
  • Share via social or embed on website


What topics will emerge as the most important, and who will be the most influential in the Brexit conversation right before and after Article 50 is triggered? How will the Brexit debate develop throughout the year? Follow the social media conversation on 365BREXIT.com – your window into the conversation.

Ways to engage with 365BREXIT

  • Customize and embed 365BREXIT into your site using the 365BREXIT widget builder
  • Follow the Brexit topics as the debate unfolds throughout the year with 365BREXIT

About 365BREXIT

Developed by KPMG International in March 2017 – before Article 50 is formally triggered by the UK government – this innovative data visualization platform is built on smart data analysis and rich, interactive visuals – click here to learn more.

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