Kathleen Hsiao

Partner, Audit Dept.

Taipei Office

KPMG in Taiwan

Kathleen is the partner of KPMG in Taiwan. She has extensive professional experiences in various industries including but not limited to financial, insurance, consuming products, and Leisure travel. Hence Kathleen has abilities to provide high quality and efficiency professional services of financial statements attestation, corporate income tax return filing and certified, assessing companies’ internal control systems and reviewing internal control projects, applying, consulting, and planning for initial public offering corporations in the aspects including operation assessment, organizations’ planning, and internal control system establishment. Kathleen also offers services of assessing internal control system, financial management, accounting system, and investment planning in various kinds of industries. Moreover, Kathleen has excellent communication skills to coordinate with board of directors, audit committee, and the management.

Kathleen is one of the lecturers in KPMG Taiwan. Since being familiar with relevant policies and regulations, Kathleen regularly provides trainings to the management and professionals to share her practical experiences and professional knowledge.


Professional Service Experience

·       Audit and attestation related service - Provide financial statement audit, internal control system audit, and corporate income tax return certifications.

·       Advisory services - Provide advisory services related to IPO, accounting systems, management control and internal auditing.

·       Teaching and training activities: - Organize in-house training programs, conducted seminars for clients.

·       IFRS 17 Implementation Projects and related training

·       IFRS 9 Implementation Projects

·       IFRS Conversion Projects

  • Finance, National Taiwan University

  • Accounting, National Taiwan University

  • R.O.C. Certified Public Accountant

  • Audit/ Tax / IFRS Conversion advisory