Natasha Chen

Associate, Attorney-at-Law

KPMG in Taiwan

Financial Institutions/ FinTech

Natasha advises domestic and foreign banks, financial holding companies, life insurance businesses, securities investment trust and consulting companies on regulatory compliance, licensing/registration, AML, personal data/cybersecurity protection, Sandbox application and she also advises on compliance risk management solutions and tools. Natasha is familiar with internal process and operations of financial institutions and working closes with KPMG tax/ risk management/cybersecurity team to provide holistic and integrated solutions to clients.


Natasha has implemented FATCA for headquarters and overseas branches by researching on FATCA laws and regulations, establishing identification procedures and reporting formats, revising XML format, providing training to the management and employees, cross-unit communication, conducting KYC among banks. She also advises on the compliance obligations under CRS(Common Reporting Standard).


Derivatives/ Repurchase Transactions/ financial Bonds

Natasha specializes in drafting, reviewing or translating legal documents regarding financial market transactions, including ISDA, CSA (VM CSA), GMRA, NAFMII, CDEA, and assisting in the negotiation thereof with international counterparties. She advises on derivative transactions and relevant regulatory compliance, including EMIR, DF or other cross-border regulations.

  • University College London, LL.M.

  • National Chengchi University, LL.B.

  • Attorney at Law (R.O.C.)

  • Passed Auditing and Internal Control for General Banking

  • Qualification in conducting derivative transaction

  • CIPP/E

  • Financial Institutions Regulatory Compliance Services

  • FATCA/CRS Compliance and Implementation

  • FinTech Sandbox Services