Technology can help you build better relationships with your customers, cut costs, drive growth and generate value, but it also has the potential to do the exact opposite. You need to invest in the right things at the right time; you must consider the wider implications of digital disruption, from tax implications to cyber risk; you may well have to integrate breakthrough innovations with legacy infrastructure. KPMG teams can support you at every step of your digital transformation journey, from strategy through execution and from vision to value. 

How we help you do that:

  • IT Strategy & Target Operating Model
  • Enterprise & Cloud Applications
  • Program Delivery Services
  • KPMG Powered Enterprise
  • Workflow & Automation

The Future of IT


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Enabling the delivery of products, services and experiences at market speed and scale.

Navigating our new reality has been a real game changer. It has revealed a growing digital divide between businesses that were already down the path of transformation and others struggling to keep pace.

Surviving in the new reality requires businesses to deliver at speeds today’s customers expect. To accomplish this, the way IT operates must be reimagined. It needs to employ an operating model that is agile, dynamic, and adaptive to both business needs and market demands in order to deliver at varying speeds and scale.

This market speed operating model must be portfolio driven – meaning from how people are organized and governed all the through to the technology architecture that supports it – and designed around the specific value streams of the business and its unique velocities, attributes, and characteristics.

To discover more about creating a market speed operating model, watch the overview video and download a summary (PDF).

Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey 2020: Everything changed. Or did it?

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Additional IT budget 
  • Increased cyber-security threats 
  • Skill shortages, even in a pandemic 
  • A massive surge in remote working 
  • Technology investments 
  • Mental health is an issue
  • Technology leaders feel more influential 
  • Diverse teams promote better business performance

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