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As your business goes through change and your industry evolves, there’s an ongoing need to ensure that your accounting treatment is correct and your financial statements are compliant.

There are many triggers that can impact your financial statements and accounting processes – for example:

  • Business events such as entering new contracts, acquiring or disposing of a subsidiary and group restructurings
  • New accounting standards affecting your balance sheet, reported results and accounting policies and manuals
  • Updated disclosure requirements impacting the compliance of your financial statements
  • Changes in the reporting framework, which must be reflected in your financial statements and the wider business
  • Digital developments in accounting and reporting, creating opportunities for accounting and reporting efficiencies

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How we can help

Managing these changes on your own can be overwhelming. Our KPMG team of accounting experts can help you navigate the accounting implications and offer you advice on the following areas:

On-call accounting advice

Our team provides a single point of contact for all your accounting needs, specialising in IFRS, UK GAAP and US GAAP.

Impact analysis of new accounting standard

We can help you keep up to speed with accounting developments. And we offer support on evaluating transition options, project planning, documenting accounting policies, benchmarking key judgements, communicating with stakeholders and training your team.

Accounting policy reviews

We can help ensure that your accounting policy manual reflects the latest changes. And we can benchmark your policies against industry norms, and explain policy choices and their implications.

GAAP conversion support

Changing your accounting framework is more than an accounting exercise. We’ll help you understand the implications on your financial statements; and suggest the tangible actions required to deliver changes across the business.

Accounting and financial reporting transformation

We can help you keep pace with the future of finance, by harnessing automated accounting tools and digitising your accounting literature and corporate reporting.

Accounting and reporting training

Our team of expert trainers can complement your internal development programmes, providing the right information to the right people at the right time. Our training is designed to suit your unique circumstances.

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