The evolution in real estate: Insights from Global Real Estate Consulting case studies

The evolution in real estate

An illustrative guide of case studies revealing the diverse challenges businesses and governments alike are facing in managing and supervising their real estate portfolios in current environments.

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Some recent client case studies highlight the capabilities of KPMG’s Real Estate Consulting team. The ‘snapshot’ of success stories is a revealing and instructive guide to the diverse challenges businesses and governments alike are facing in managing and supervising their real estate portfolios in current environments and how the KPMG Global Real Estate practice is delivering professional and knowledgeable strategies.

Globally, the outlook for the real estate sector is strong

The improved market conditions and innovation in the marketplace, combined with new demands being placed on organizations, continue to prompt a growing number of organizations to work with KPMG’s firms to explore and execute significant new strategies aimed at:

  • optimizing real estate operations and solving legacy issues;
  • addressing regulatory and compliance requirements;
  • innovating, with an emphasis on environmental and sustainability needs;
  • introducing and applying data and analytics to improve portfolio insights

Noteworthy trends by market

A look at the noteworthy trends unfolding globally among the mature markets of Europe and the Americas, and the high-growth markets of Asia and India, reveals an interesting contrast in needs and challenges.

In Europe and, to a lesser extent, the Americas, many firms with significant real estate holdings are addressing regulatory and compliance issues while also trying to keep up with evolving requirements related to innovation and sustainability. On the regulatory and compliance front, the aftermath of the financial crisis has presented real estate fund managers with an array of both new and revised regulations demanding clear and effective solutions. At the same time, organizations are facing significant pressures and costs on the environmental front related to improving the carbon footprint of structures and overall portfolios.

To add to their challenges, organizations are also pursuing a deeper understanding of the immense potential that big data and analytics present for future success.

In contrast, the landscape in Asia reveals an explosion of real estate development that’s being accompanied by a proliferation of firms seeking to professionalize and optimize operations and cope with the unprecedented growth. At a different stage on the maturity grid, these real estate companies and/or organizations with significant real estate holdings face the challenges of a fast-growing operation, building value within the portfolio and complexity.

Examples of the success stories

  • For a major metropolitan government that needed over 1,300 buildings assessed, the KPMG's real estate practice advised on strategy and innovation.
  • For a large electrical utility that needed to evaluate its real estate portfolio, the practice led work to advise on target operating model and enterprise operations.
  • In the area of risk and compliance, the practice advised a European real estate fund manager that faced significant regulatory changes.
  • For an international energy and utilities company that wanted to reduce costs and generate liquidity success, the practice advised on real estate portfolio management.

The stories illustrate the variety of consulting that KPMG’s Real Estate Advisory professionals are delivering to help ensure every client’s growth and success.

In this brochure, we have not covered our audit, tax and transaction related advisory services that we are providing to clients around the world. If you are interested to learn more about these services please contact your local KPMG advisor. We hope you will value the examples outlined in this brochure and we look forward to further discussions with you about these cases.

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