What’s your impact?

What’s your impact?

This short paper presents a roadmap to help chocolate and confectionery companies assess the impact of their sustainability programs. It was published to coincide with Chocovision 2016 – the international cocoa and chocolate industry conference.

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Most large cocoa and chocolate companies now invest in sustainability programs to address environmental and social issues in their supply chains such as poverty, child labor, low productivity and environmental degradation.

However, it is often unclear what impact these investments generate on the ground. It can be difficult to understand whether these activities create the desired outcomes in terms of improved livelihoods, protection of human rights, increased productivity and environmental protection.

Pressure is growing on companies to measure and communicate the impact of their sustainability programs. NGOs, investors, consumers and other stakeholders want to know how companies are performing against each other and which companies they should support in their efforts to improve lives and environmental protection.

This paper – produced jointly by KPMG’s Sustainability Services practice and global Citizenship team – sets out a 6 step roadmap to support cocoa and chocolate companies in measuring and communicating the impact of their sustainability programs.

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