Seeking customer centricity: The omni business model

Seeking customer centricity: The omni business model

The fourth annual Global Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey by KPMG International and The Consumer Goods Forum looks at the impact of industry disruption on traditional business models and how business leaders are responding.


An omni business model takes omni-channel to the next level by enhancing it with: hyper customer-centricity; seamless integration of all business systems; agile, demand-driven supply chain; CSR commitment that permeates the business; digitally advanced systems; and use of data, analytics and new technologies.  

This report is based on a survey of 400 senior consumer executives at global consumer and retail brands. Through the survey and selected executive interviews, we are able to share the insights and leading strategies of some of the world’s most advanced omni businesses. In addition, we also surveyed 7,100 consumers in 19 countries on their shopping behaviors and preferences, to see how aligned the executives’ strategies are with actual consumer sentiment.

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