Banking the customer experience dividend

Banking the customer experience dividend

How to create growth in a changing market? KPMG Nunwood's latest analysis shows that customer experience is the key to achieving growth.

Banking the customer experience dividend

Many UK banks already create excellent experiences for their customers. But performance across the sector is highly inconsistent. Our largest institutions often struggle to embrace customer best practice in the areas that are important to their customers, undermining their value. 

Working out how to delight customers would deliver a new injection of growth, but will require bold reinvention and steadfast leadership.

For the past six years, KPMG Nunwood’s Customer Experience Excellence Centre has been evaluating business performance in banking and other sectors, across three continents. This report highlights that today’s CEOs face a profound set of challenges.

  • Create a new covenant with their customers
  • Refine their strategy to ensure true customer focus
  • Build a distinctive customer transformation mindset from the boardroom to the branch.

For those that embrace customer transformation today, the rewards will be immediate and profound. Those who act quickly to achieve ‘customer excellence’ will unlock a growth accelerator that creates both shareholder returns and a firm platform for future business development.

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