Security and the IoT ecosystem

Security and the IoT ecosystem

Practical advice for growing market share in the IoT space.


Security, privacy and trust

As the Internet of Things (IoT) rockets up the business agenda, technology firms are competing fiercely to stake out a leadership position in this burgeoning growth market. But success in the IoT space will take more than slick applications, connected devices and advanced analytics; it will also require a robust approach to security, privacy and trust.

An immediate need to drive future opportunity

According to Security and the IoT ecosystem, tech firms and IoT service providers will need to work quickly, diligently and decisively to address security, privacy and trust concerns before they turn into problems. Those that fail to do so will have a difficult time growing in this new environment.

“Key concepts around IoT security, privacy and trust must be front-and-center for tech firms and IoT solutions developers,” Gary Matuszak, KPMG’s Global Chair Technology, Media & Telecommunications, “The ‘upside’ to cyber is coming. In fact, before too long we expect to see organizations turn cyber security prowess into real revenue opportunities by, for example, monetizing identity and usage patterns. But this, too, will come with its own inherent risks and rewards.”

Security is key to IOT

About the report

Based on a recent global survey of 100 IoT ‘user organizations’ and supported by one on one interviews with industry leaders, academic and KPMG’s own IoT professionals, this report hones in on IoT security, privacy and trust, providing practical and actionable advice for all players in the emerging ecosystem.

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