KPMG Toll Benchmarking Study 2015: An evolution of tolling

An evolution of tolling

The efficiency of toll roads is important. Not just for tolling operators, but also for governments, investors and the driving public. But – until today – there has been no reliable global source of comparative data for the toll road sector. Few truly know what ‘good’ performance looks like and no global benchmark exists to help owners, operators and governments compare key metrics such as cost to collect or operational efficiency.

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KPMG International’s Road Tolling Survey 2015 aims to bridge that gap. Based on in-depth survey data collected from more than 40 tolling companies and agencies world-wide, it provides public and private tolling organizations with an unprecedented view into the challenges, risks, costs and opportunities facing the tolling sectortoday. 

Some of the key findings include:

  • Toll operators are implementing a wide array of toll collection approaches. Ninety-one percent of all respondents said that they now offer some form of ETC. Forty-three percent say their agency uses ORT and 23 percent said they use some form of video billing mechanism.
  • Technology is being upgraded. More than half (53 percent) said that they had upgraded their tolling system within the last five years and a further 18 percent said they are constantly upgrading their equipment and systems.
  • There are significant variations in what operators include in their cost to collect calculations. However, this analysis indicates that some tolling operators’ cost to collect can be as low as 13 percent of revenues, whereas others may be as high as 60 percent or more.
  • On average, the industry spends US$0.43 per transaction. The most cost efficient toll operations tend to report costs of less than US$0.26 per transaction while the more inefficient operators report costs of more than US$0.59 per transaction. 

By combining our survey data with insights from KPMG International’s top roads and tolling professionals, this report aims to provide governments and private organizations with the information and advice they need to become more efficient and drive improved results from existing assets.

To learn more about these findings – or to benchmark your own operations against our extensive survey data – we encourage you to contact your local KPMG member firm.

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