ACCA Program

ACCA Program

The ACCA program is a prestigious international professional qualification in accountancy and finance.

ACCA Program

Study ACCA at KPMG Academy Tunisia

The ACCA program is an internationally recognized, prestigious international professional qualification that prepares students for international careers in accountancy and finance.  

The ACCA program will be provided by our team of professors, experts professionals as well as by our UK based partner - first intuition – which is one of the leading ACCA tuition providers in UK, The program leads to getting prestigious international professional qualifications in accounting and finance.

-The program leads to prestigious professional qualifications awarded by ACCA and recognized by UK universities. Namely, a Bsc and Msc in professional accountancy, as well as an MBA.

-The program leads to getting an ACCA professional membership and benefiting from ACCA’s Large international network.

-The program permits a training at a global standards in accounting and finance.

-The program has 14 courses, and can be completed between 1.5 up to 3 years, depending on the background of the student.

-At KPMG Academy, the program is delivered on a part time basis and permits our students and professionals to work and study at the same time.

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