Growth is usually one of the top agenda items for CEOs and management teams. Companies often find themselves targeting ambitious growth strategies in response to disruptions caused by new technologies, changing regulations, evolving customer needs or sector convergence. However, realizing strong and sustainable growth is extremely challenging – with the majority of organizations unable to achieve and / or sustain their growth ambitions.

Our experience suggests that this may be the result of:

  • Unrealistic growth objectives driving an undeliverable strategy
  • A failure to consider implementation capabilities and bandwidth to execute
  • Leadership team misalignment
  • Lack of stakeholder support
  • An inability to evolve and innovate in response to changing market and customer requirements

This is why a well-designed and practical strategy is key to driving your business towards the long-term goal of sustainable business growth. Our KPMG Strategy team in Thailand has a tried and tested approach that can help you realize your growth ambitions and address issues such as:

  • How to unlock new revenue and profit potential?
  • How to profitably enter new markets and segments?
  • How to develop and commercialize new products or services?
  • How to leverage digital technology to enhance your business?
  • How to attract new customers and enhance loyalty?

Our approach is based on identifying and implementing a prioritized set of growth platforms that will enable you to achieve your growth ambitions. This distinctive approach, underpinned by the 9 Levers of Value, is designed to bring benefits for you by helping generate new ideas and growth hypotheses. We will explore what works and what doesn’t, combining strategy workshops with market insights. Our team will do the heavy lifting and build a practical and realistic strategy, as well as go-to-market tactics, that will help our clients achieve their business ambitions. Along the way, we will identify synergies, test compatibility, and help you prioritise a shortlist of strategic options tailored to your needs. You will be able to see what deserve a closer look, what to park, and what to leave behind.

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