In complex businesses, it can be challenging to see where opportunities exist to release cash from working capital. Understanding where the opportunities sit and unlocking that value can bring countless benefits, from better cash flow to more funds for debt reduction or investment.

KPMG's Working Capital Advisory brings a fresh perspective to help organisations find and release cash and working capital within their business.

We look at people, processes, systems and culture to ensure that no stone is left unturned in order to find and unlock cash and working capital value. We take a hypothesis-driven approach which combines data intensive analytics with targeted discussions to identify and validate opportunities.

KPMG’s Working Capital Advisory seeks value across the full breadth of a business including Order to Cash, Forecast to Deliver and Purchase to Pay working capital cycles.

How we can help

KPMG’s Working Capital Advisory practice helps a wide variety of corporations and private equity clients to rapidly identify and deliver quick wins and sustainable working capital improvement. Our services include:

Rapid data-driven cash and working capital improvement diagnostics that enable us to quickly identify sources of upside and the steps needed to achieve this value.
Implementation support to help our clients define, develop and implement practical changes to their business.
Working capital improvement through end to end project management.
A suite of data analytics tools which can help our clients proactively identify and address working capital issues.

Our working capital advisers are highly skilled, specialised professionals. We partner with clients to drive fast and tangible value, often working shoulder to shoulder with their team.

We draw on the support of KPMG's vast array of dedicated subject matter experts and also tap into our KPMG global working capital advisory network to gain perspectives on strategies that are working in other industries, and align with the latest thinking on global best practice.

Our data & analytics driven approach

Our data & analytics driven approach

We have developed a set of proprietary tools to rapidly assess the working capital performance of a business across all 3 cycles. Our working capital analytics tools consolidate many years of project experience to provide a comprehensive database of cash improvement hypotheses.

Following receipt of a simple data download from an ERP system we are able to test our pre-built hypotheses and provide our clients with a comprehensive view on where they can optimize cash flow – all within a matter of weeks, not months.

We then present our results through an interactive dashboard, allowing us to drill into specific suppliers, customers, invoices or SKUs with a click of a button. We then work with our clients to validate and refine opportunities using the data as the single source of truth, and can help clients translate the data into actionable cash flow improvement initiatives.