We are proud to announce that KPMG has launched a $1.5 billion program to accelerate global solutions for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. For more see below.

Our new KPMG ESG Newsletter integrates our knowledge and experience regarding global issues around environmental, social, governance (ESG) performance and sustainability; economic and social development; climate change and decarbonisation; and sustainable finance.

Sustainability matters for Slovak customers

In the latest customer experience survey KPMG Through Technology to Customers' Hearts we focused on the environmental aspect of consumers‘ buying habits and how the fair, sustainable and eco approach of brands impact consumer choice. The trend of shopping meaningfully is on the rise and customers are revising their buying habits. 

Interviews with brands that took the ESG way

A series of interviews with brands that chose to lead the way to a better future. Read more to find out how they put ESG into practice and applied new sustainable solutions.

Introducing ESG Discovery

To help our clients understand where their ESG journey begins, KPMG has developed a sels-administered ESG discussion starter. ESG Discovery is a set of questions designed to help you look at what you do and how you do it, in order to begin your transition to an organization that creates sustainable value.

KPMG plans to spend more than US$1.5 billion over the next three years specifically to focus on the ESG change agenda

The ESG strategy is designed to support KPMG firms’ clients in making a positive difference.
The collective investment will focus on training and expanding KPMG’s global workforce, harnessing data, accelerating the development of new technologies, and driving action through partnerships, alliances and advocacy. The key to the transformation will be embedding ESG in the organization and client solutions to drive measurable change.

The Decarbonization Journey – Five pillars to achieving net zero

The call to action on climate change has advanced over recent years with companies facing more pressure than ever to develop and execute a meaningful net-zero strategy. This paper is for organisations at any stage of their journey toward mitigating or eliminating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Survey of sustainability reporting at technology companies

This latest KPMG survey of Sustainability reporting reveals much progress has been made in sustainability reporting and assurance. This publication benchmarks technology companies against other sectors and the world's top 250 largest companies.

How are we supporting our clients around the world


KPMG professionals and Philips jointly came up with the concept of a Purpose Compass – a dashboard that charts progress and highlights gaps. Visually appealing and easy to understand, it shows how different decisions and actions can contribute to Philips’ purpose-related targets and benefit stakeholders.



Sanofi, the EU-ASEAN Business Council and KPMG in Singapore recently launched the findings of research exploring healthy ageing and life-course immunization for South-East Asia. This project is the culmination of months of field research. KPMG is now looking to translate those findings into action, facilitating a series of policy-shaping workshops to give governments the insights they need to transform and succeed.



The KPMG team developed and validated a set of targeted KPIs relevant for the sustainability goals that were credible, achievable and audit-ready. With the KPIs in place and the initiative up and running, Bayer is on its way to meeting its 2030 sustainability goals.