Many organizations are being challenged to find ways to make IT systems and processes more efficient so that they can better manage information, conduct more complex data analytics and streamline and manage IT costs.

When you might be in need of ERP advisory?

  • CFOs or CIOs need to lead strategic change projects and their teams don’t have the required skills or capacity 
  • Project is complex, high priority, has to be delivered on time and succeed; governance is inevitable from preparation phase till project closure 
  • Alignment of business, IT and third parties is required to successfully implement (roll out) and start the new processes or system

How we can help

In an ever changing business environment, constantly improving value across your business and IT functions is essential. Technology is only one part of the solution. In order to be effective, organizations must also change all related processes in order to maximize the use of the new system and tools and to decrease the potential to continue with outdated processes that they are familiar with. 

Our ERP professionals can help with this, having successfully completed high-end transformation programmes by providing functional and technical expertise, specifically tailored to industry sectors.

We can help you with
  • Business processes definition, preparation of business requirements for target solution 
  • Business architecture, and application architecture setup – supporting project activity to deliver the solution and apps focusing on fulfilment of business goals 
  • Business/IT alignment - supporting communication between business, IT and external implementation vendors 
  • Delivery of project governance, project management, quality assurance services 
  • Support for data migration and system integration 

The benefits

  • Provide assurance that the business benefits are appropriate and will be achieved
  • Reduce the risk of failure or help you refocus failing projects
  • Carefully construct and validate your business case
  • Design or validate and successfully implement reporting and decision support solutions, the governance and underlying technology

Contact us

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