The KPMG 23rd Annual Global Automotive Executive Survey provides readers with a distinctive insight into the future of the sector. 

Over 910 executives around the world expect to see a sweeping transformation of the sector in the next 5 to 10 years. The executives offer their insights on the major forces shaping the industry, from supply chain issues and powertrains, to changing consumer behavior and new technology entrants.

Global auto executives are confident that the auto industry will see more profitable growth in the next five years, but expectations of worldwide electric vehicle (EV) sales in 2030 are becoming more realistic. At the same time, executives remain very concerned about supplies of commodities and components.

Amid a plethora of new models, entrants, and technologies, executives believe consumer buying decisions in the next five years will focus on the importance of driving performance and brand image. Data privacy and security are also key factors in purchase decisions.

While much of the optimism among executives about the future may be well founded, the changes will undoubtedly produce both winners and losers, making executives’ choices today even more critical.

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