No turning back: An industry ready to transcend

The past 18 months have seen some welcome changes in approach to major projects. There’s been an imperative step change in the use of remote and collaborative technology, in order to keep projects running despite fewer people on site.

We’ve also witnessed a renewed spirit of collaboration, as owners acknowledged the truly unique nature of the pandemic and lockdowns and accepted their share of the associated risks and costs.

Having come through this difficult period relatively unscathed, there’s a sense that contractors may finally be turning their backs on projects with unmanageable risks that could jeopardize their entire business.

Are these accommodations a signal of more permanent shifts or merely temporary adjustments?

This 13th edition of the Global Construction Survey aims to answer big questions such as this.

Download the report to find out what 186 people from engineering & construction companies and project owners are saying about the future of resilience, integrated risk management, portfolio project management, diversity, equity and inclusion and technology and innovation in the sector.