In the current issue of Tax & Legal News we would like to draw your attention to the following highlights:

Summary of changes in the Slovak Labour Code from 1 March 2021

Since March 1, 2021, an amendment to the Labor Code will enter into force, which, among other things, addresses issues of the specificity of work from the employee's household and regulates the employee's ability to choose between meal vouchers and a financial allowance for meals.

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Social Security in a New Brexit Deal

The European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (U.K.) reached an agreement in principle on the EU-U.K. Trade and Cooperation Agreement (“the Agreement”), which also affects the coordination of social security, the so-called mobile workers and the protection of their rights.

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The e-commerce VAT package taking effect soon

On 1 July 2021, the provisions of the amendment of the Slovak VAT Act concerning cross-border online trade will come into effect. These provisions are transposing the EU Directives which introduced so called „e-commerce VAT package“ that will soon become applicable all over the European Union.

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Brexit: The end of the transition period and online shopping

The coronavirus pandemic was reflected also in an increased interest in online shopping, the number of consumers who order goods from a foreign site is on the rise. Following Brexit and the end of the transition period, we come across questions buyers are asking regarding its impacts on online purchases. For example, whether they should transfer e.g. to a German version of an online platform if they have been previously using its British version.

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Making vehicles available for private purposes and VAT

Do you provide to the employees vehicles for private purposes for the period exceeding 30 days? Do the employees pay for this use (also in the form of deduction from the remuneration)? Do the employees have their permanent address or do they usually reside in another EU Member State than the seat of the employer?

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Temporary application of zero VAT rate for specific protection means

In the period from 12 February 2021 till 30 April 2021 the importation of these goods from the third countries, intra-Community acquisitions from another EU Member States as well as supplies within Slovakia will be subject to zero VAT rate.

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