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OECD guidance on the transfer pricing implications of the COVID-19 pandemic

OECD Guidance focuses on four priority issues where the additional practical challenges posed by COVID-19 are considered most significant and provides useful discussion of the various factors that should be considered in making arm’s length pricing determinations under conditions impacted by COVID-19.

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Subsidies for rental fee

On 9 December 2020 entered into force the Act no. 349/2020 Coll. amending and supplementing Act no. 71/2013 Coll. on Granting Subsidies by the Slovak Ministry of Economy as amended „Amendment“).

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Temporary Protection of Entrepreneurs in Financial Difficulties

Who can apply for temporary protection, for how long this protection can be granted, what are the legal effects and duties for the applicant and what does the application process look like? You will find the answers to all these questions below.

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Amendments in the Act on stay of foreigners as at 1 January 2021

After Brexit, the residence rights of UK citizens change.

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Deadline for filing the motor vehicle tax return has changed

Amendment to the Motor Vehicle Tax Act changes the deadline for filing of the tax return.

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