Accounting services with KPMG skills and expertise

Accounting services

The complex business environment of today requires a sound knowledge of the financial and business situtation in order to successfully manage a company.The significance of the financial and accounting role is constantly growing, achieving merely legal requirements is no longer sufficient. Accordingly, small and medium sized companies need flexible, creative and efficient solutions that insure neccessary and timely information for the right decisions.

Do you encounter following challenges?

– need for lowering costs,

– ambition to improve the quality ofaccounting information,

– need to replace a key employee in the accountingdepartment,

– need for specific knowledge and advisory,

– ambition to improve executive financial reporting (adjusted reports with     appropriate information),

– satisfy statutory requirements (properand timely reporting).

How can KPMG assist you?

KPMG disposes of experts in the field of accounting and thus provides client-tailored services, which focus on solutions required in the field of finance, accounting and payroll accounting.

Your partner and not merely a service provider!

KPMG endeavours to be your partner that actively responds to your needs. Considering the current situation is certainly not enough in the business environment; the big picture must always be in sight as it gives an overview of the company' entire business operations.

Focusing on your individual needs

Our approach is founded on adapting the services the client's individual needs.KPMG ensures confidentiality, staff's training in the field of legislative developments and access to knowledge and know-how that fulfil your needs.

Skills and expertise that you require

Our experts boast of comprehensive knowledge and skills in the area of accounting, tax and labour legislation. Cooperation with KPMG enables you also access to other services provided by KPMG companies worldwide, which comprise audit services, tax and business advisory. We are one of few companies on the market that can ensure you overall advisory that covers all aspects of your business.KPMG experts, including the executive staff, are always at your disposal should you require assistance, consultation or merely recommendation.

Financial accounting

Services of financial accounting include accounting services imposed by legislation, preparing of the VAT returns, compilation of financial statements and annual reports, reporting in connection with corporate income tax, accounting supervisions and controlling. Services of financial accounting can be provided in full or partly, depending on the client's business processes. Group companies are offered overall solutions that include the preparation of consolidated financial statements. We also provide professional assistance appduring the preparation of documents and clarifications for the purpose of external audit, tax inspections and other administrative procedures.

Payroll accounting

We offer services in the area of payroll accounting i.e. accounting of wages of employees, executive staff, accounting of income earned by foreigners, which is subject to more prudent management.Payroll accounting encompasses:

–registration and deregistration of staff for the purpose of social and pension insurance,

–reporting about staff changes for the purpose of social and pension insurance,

–calculation of wages, including reporting to the national institutions on personal taxes and social and pension insurance contributions,

–preparation of sickness claims to be refunded by the state,

–preparation of payrolls for employees and related bank transfers,

–annual reporting to competent institutions about the employees' receipts,

–preparation of documents for the purpose of bookkeeping according to client's instructions.

HR administrative services

Assistance is offered during procedures for obtaining residence permits for employees and their registration at competent institutions, in drawing up of employment contracts, during job classification and preparing of instructions for employees, submitting of payrolls and similar.

Management reporting

Services of management reporting are based on financial reporting and summarize data from accounting records required by the client. Our reports are compiled so that they assist the client in the decision-making process, or during the draw-up of reports for group companies, during necessary adjustment required under IFRS, or during the preparation of financial plans. The reports are founded on the system that we use for financial accounting. The form and frequency of reporting is upgraded in view of client's requirements. Assistance is also offered during occasionally business analyses that are carried out to improve internal procedures.

Administrative services

We offer a wide range of expert-technical services such as preparation of payment orders(services in the capacity of secondary signatory), advisory and accounting of business trip costs, preparation of reports for statistical reporting, preparation of invoices, overall administration and agency services.

Advisory services

Advisory services are provided for all aforesaid areas, namely:

–advisory with regard to accounting,

–advisory on and preparation of accounting manuals,

–tax advisory,

–advisory in drawing up the employee remuneration and salary system.

Data exchange, booking

We enable data exchange via the secure KPMG Central clipboard, where the client may leave or take documents in a secure web environment.The booking may be carried out at your or our location, depending on your needs and wishes.Contracts on services offered can be concluded for various periods, depending on client's needs. As a future-oriented company that keeps pace with the changes in its field of expertise, we are able to effectively adapt to business and market developments.