ESG regulation is rapidly spreading around the world. As countries strive to reach a more sustainable future a myriad of new rules and prescriptions, as well as changing customer values, attitudes, and behaviors, are presenting executives with a real challenge. Now a company's approach to sustainability needs to be front and center of their business strategy.

So, what about the customers and consumers that are key to business growth? How are their attitudes and behaviors changing? What aspects of corporate behavior matters to them and how does it influence their purchasing habits? Do their changing attitudes and behaviors represent an opportunity or a challenge, or maybe both?

These are the questions we set out to answer in this our fourth annual global study on consumer insights. Me, my life, my wallet is a worldwide framework, a multidimensional view of the customer, designed to grow our understanding of their expectations, whilst tracking the rapid and profound changes in their motivations and behavior.

Key findings from consumers:

  • 59% take personal action for societal and environmental causes

  • 67% believe it is the collective responsibility of government, business,a nd the individual to act sustainably

  • 74% seek to avoid fast fashion

  • 64% want to understand environmental impact of what they buy but 47% do not know how to act

  • 50% say sustainability is more important now than 12 months ago

  • 69 % will on occasion pay more for products where they agree with the businesses' principles.

Download the report and contact us to find out how you can develop a sustainable customer manifesto to meet rapidly escalating customer expectations, while meeting ESG goals.

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