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KPMG Ignition Singapore

Ignite your organisation’s innovation engine

We meet you at any point in your transformation journey no matter your industry, bringing you face-to-face with emerging technologies. Connect the dots with the right KPMG experts to get you to the next stage. We will map the path ahead and design with you. Find out what we have in store below.

Virtual KPMG Ignition Singapore

Explore our digital twin of KPMG Ignition Singapore. Step into our project sites from anywhere in the world, right from your desktop.

Watch this space to experience the tour.

The pulse of innovation

Experience the art of the possible

Let us take you on a personalised journey into the future as we share KPMG innovation projects in Data Analytics, Virtual / Mixed Reality, IOT and other emerging technologies from our global network of partners, specifically curated for you.

Workshops and facilitated conversations

Open the door to new ideas and possibilities as we workshop with you to discover new opportunities, concepts and rapid prototyping, leveraging the KPMG in Singapore design thinking process. We can help your business to inculcate an innovation mindset, identify and train organisational champions and more.

A perspective of the future

Get the insights and perspectives you need on the latest innovations and future trends for your industry from KPMG in Singapore and our partner subject matter experts. These are conversations that could inspire and convince stakeholders on the other side of the table.

Eventful opportunities

Technology and business is constantly evolving. Let the Ignition Centre keep you ahead of the innovation curve with our upcoming virtual and offline events that showcase the most promising emerging technologies.

Ignition services

From horizon-scanning to solution building, the Ignition way of working brings you and your teams together with the best of KPMG in Singapore and its ecosystem of alliance partners. We offer four key Ignition experiences. These span the thinking, conversations and tangible work that go into delivering real, sustainable change.

How can we help you build your digital future?


Global experience with a Southeast Asian perspective

Our Singapore Ignition Centre is part of a global network of Ignition centres. They all support our clients and colleagues across all sectors and markets, helping them harness technology and innovate.

Our Ignition centres provide a flexible physical environment that helps foster innovation. Our collaboration spaces enable deep, digital immersive sessions. They can also support large-scale collaborative problem-solving and agile sprints.

With locations in many of the member firms affiliated with KPMG Singapore, we invite you to experience KPMG Ignition centres around the globe.
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How can we help you drive lasting change in your business?

Beyond Ignition, our ecosystem of innovation enablers

Digital Village

Innovate, Outpace, Impact. We help companies transform for future relevance.


Access insights and perspectives on topical sustainability issues through KPMG Global Sustainability Institute.

KPMG Powered Enterprise

Instead of making transformation a goal, make it a way of business.