As M&A activity starts to revive in 2024, tech companies face many challenges in making their transactions succeed. Deals are becoming increasingly complex, involving new technologies and business models, as well as the combination of organizations that may have very different cultures and processes. Success in this environment requires strategic integration planning and execution to capture value, foster growth, and minimize disruption.

KPMG conducted a survey of 150 U.S. executives involved in M&A decision-making to create the 2024 TMT M&A integration and value creation study.

  • 82 percent of respondents consider obtaining key technologies as the main deal objective.
  • 68 percent of respondents cited corporate expansion as another main deal objective.
  • Generative AI is important for enhancing customer offerings, with 72 percent recognizing its potential. 

Corporate and private equity buyers are focused on long-term value creation and growth, as well as navigating integration challenges such as achieving projected cost and revenue synergies, retaining talent, and incorporating technology systems effectively in their operations. To succeed in this evolving M&A landscape, companies must tackle these challenges head-on. Survey respondents say they will focus on employee retention and engagement strategies, improving the omni-channel and digital customer experience, and aligning sales and marketing functions. 

Download our report for more in-depth insights so you can focus on key deal objectives, integration challenges, and effective strategies in the evolving technology M&A landscape.

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