The emergence of digital assets marks a pivotal advancement in the financial domain, with asset tokenisation leading the charge in this transformative wave. Spearheading this innovation, asset tokenisation has the ability to democratise investment access and streamline the management of diverse asset portfolios, and is poised to redefine both financial and non-financial markets over the next 5–15 years.

In the light of these progressions, the playbook endeavours to extensively explore asset tokenisation, particularly focusing on real assets. Informed by extensive research, we present a comprehensive examination of the swift adoption of asset tokenisation. Additionally, we offer a strategic decision-making framework tailored for C-suite executives to navigate their asset tokenisation journey successfully. Furthermore, we have outlined key challenges associated with this adoption in the evolving landscape.

Looking ahead, it becomes evident that asset tokenisation transcends mere technological innovation; it represents a fundamental shift in asset management and ownership paradigms. Our outlook remains optimistic, foreseeing a bright future for asset tokenisation.

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