The report paints a picture of how the region’s business leaders view dominant business trends — and reveals their crucial next steps. This report is based on data gathered from a survey of 1,325 corporate executives around the world, with 400 respondents representing ASPAC.

Four key themes lead the conversation in this year’s CEO Outlook:

  1. Economic outlook: ASPAC CEOs have a dimmer view of the state of the global economy compared with their counterparts elsewhere — and are more conservative about their business prospects in the face of global headwinds.
  2. Talent: Business leaders in ASPAC are working towards a full return to office post-pandemic, though some CEOs in the region are challenged by talent constraints in emerging technologies.
  3. ESG: As sustainability and inclusivity become ever more important, ASPAC CEOs are showing an understanding of their responsibility to society. They trail their global peers in ESG action and strategy, but acknowledge the need to do more, especially when stakeholders demand greater accountability.
  4. Technology: CEOs in the region identify emerging technology investments as a priority for growth and transformation, but they remain cautious about potential blowback as new technologies like AI progress at a breakneck — albeit unpredictable — pace.

Read our report to explore opportunities for growth in the areas of ESG, talent and technology.