Consumer trends on the most useful technologies, generative AI, data privacy, sustainability, and social media

We are all massive consumers of technology, every day. KPMG conducted the Consumer Technology Survey to quantify how useful the public at large considers different technologies in their lives. We surveyed 1,507 adult US consumers across all age groups about how they are using 22 different technology products today and how they expect to use them over the next year. We also captured perspectives on generative AI (Gen AI), data privacy, sustainability, and social media.

This report provides meaningful insights for executives to digest, especially leaders at electronics, hardware, semiconductor, cloud, fintech, software, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, media, entertainment, and gaming companies. Key findings include the following:

  • Consumers rated wireless devices, GPS/directions apps, computers, streaming services, and music apps as the top 5 most indispensable technologies
  • 1 in 4 already view consumer Gen AI products as very useful or indispensable to their lives
  • 42% do not want to consume movies, TV shows, and music if it was created by AI
  • 59% will not download specific apps due to data privacy concerns
  • 51% prefer to use technology products from sustainable companies
  • 84% plan to use social media the same amount or more over the next year

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