Disruption across the energy sector is occurring at unprecedented speed with new technologies and processes exposing companies to numerous opportunities and risks. As organizations advance digitally—with a focus on becoming more efficient, data-centric, and connected—there is also an increased threat of cyberattacks.

Well-protected businesses increase their potential for innovation and growth. Against this backdrop, CISOs are playing a critical and holistic role in managing business risks and contributing to the growth of the business. To stay ahead of the competition companies must work to accelerate recovery times, reduce the impact of cyber incidents, and ensure their security plans enable—rather than expose—the business.

Three key cybersecurity considerations for energy companies include:

Securing a perimeter-less and data-centric future

  • With the security perimeter all but gone, how can organizations realistically transition to a zero-trust approach that protects every aspect of their ecosystem?

New partnerships, new models

  • How can organizations keep security, privacy, and resilience at the forefront in an environment in which outsourcing and managed services are a growing priority?

Be resilient when—and where—it matters

  • Why is it important to think beyond response and proactively plan for recovery?

In this paper, we explore the actions energy sector CISOs can take to mitigate the impact of cyber incidents and build resilience and trust.

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