Innovations that aim to have a real impact in a complex and fast-changing world require a collaborative approach. Is your industry, as many others, dealing with value chain overarching challenges? Often these larger questions can only be solved by building solutions greater than the sum of its parts.

Living labs and open innovation ecosystems thus offer a method to combine knowledge, ideas and perspective in an effective way and to create comprehensive solutions together with partners. This article report shares what to keep in mind when taking this approach, and provides solutions for the most common challenges.

Our world is being reshaped by disruptive changes in technology, climate, geopolitics and demographics – more than ever before. We need new solutions that will have a major impact on people's way of living, while being economically viable. No single company, government agency, or knowledge institution can possibly provide such solutions on its own. These solutions call for a new way of looking at innovation - one that harnesses the power of collaboration between a wide variety of participants. Open innovation ecosystems and living labs can help us connect the dots.

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