The wheels of change are steering the automotive sector towards new highways of growth. Innovation is helping the industry shift gears as tech transformation sweeps across the sector, reimagining critical aspects from product development to customer experiences. 

While auto executives are optimistic about long-term growth in the sector, concerns remain about the near-term repercussions brought about by the volatile economic climate and rising geopolitical tensions. Issues like skills shortages, inflation and high interest rates are threatening to undo growth in the sector. As the industry approaches a new dawn, what strategies can auto executives leverage to navigate risks and stay ahead of the pack? 

In this report, we spoke to 915 executives across 30 countires to glean critical insights into the future of the automotive sector and analyse the the major forces shaping the industry. From supply chain issues to powertrains abnd changing consumer behavior, we examine the key trends that will power the new age of automotive growth. 

Auto executives are extraordinarily optimistic about the future, but at the same time their confidence is tempered by the need to turn automotive dreams into reality.

Gary Silberg
Global Head of Automotive
KPMG International

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